Her Own Milky Way (A Self-Portrait)

Her Own Milky Way

She saw the world differently. She didn’t really agree with what everybody else thought.

She loved words, music, art – not the kind that people like nowadays.

They saw her and thought how strange she was, the way she jumped from each galaxy to the next.

That’s why she preferred silence. Silence, to her, was louder.

Her worlds (yes, she had more than one) were a melange of everything she thought beautiful.

She was proud of them, but they made her sad from time to time.

You see, though she had in her hands (and heart) her own spiral galaxy of worlds,

Not everyone could see and visit them, and some would never believe that such worlds could exist.

She saw the world differently, but, sadly, only a few people could understand.

Her Own Milky Way


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