I look at them and see a reflection of what I don’t want to happen to me and my family.

A tragedy of life – the people who are not living the lives that they have always wanted and continue to want.

But what is more tragic is when these people are not living the lives that they have always needed.

Let me be content.


Human Traffic

8:55 p.m.

I used to spend these moments wishing that I had the ability to transport myself from one place to another in seconds. Other times I would imagine myself pushing away the people in front of me… or just cutting in line (which, of course, is far less brutal).

I could easily estimate how long I would have to wait, and once I have that estimate, I would hysterically look for something to pass the time.

My estimate for tonight is an hour and a half. That’s pretty tough, isn’t it? Oh, but believe me, I’ve been through worse. Others have gone through THE worst. Waiting feels a lot more difficult when you have to stand all the while and you’re on your first day. Hello to all my fellow women out there!

Strangely though, as I walked towards the spot at the very end of the line, I felt surprisingly calm and nonchalant. I looked inside my bag for something that could somehow entertain me during this little “journey” of mine. Guess what? I found my phone!

Yeah, that’s not surprising. If you were in my place, you’d most likely find the same thing –  that is unless you have some sort of a PlayStation or a book, in which case I envy you.

You would probably say that I’d just text someone and I could have myself an instant conversation. But no, unfortunately, texting is far from possible for me right now.

[Note: “Texting” is not considered an official verb yet. I wonder why.]

I am writing with my phone. Yay me, right?!

I feel really bad for the woman standing behind me, though. She’s been tsk-ing more and more as we get closer to the end of the line. She also has this coin in her hand which I wish she would donate to the people begging for it, instead of repeatedly tapping it on a stainless steel bar.

Oh, I’m not complaining. I know exactly how she feels. She just wants to get home. I wish she could feel how I feel right now. I wish I could pass it on. Sadly, it doesn’t work like that most of the time.

Oh, hey! The line just moved! I’m really happy! You can tell by my consecutive use of exclamation points. And this happiness isn’t just for me, it’s for the other people waiting in line too! Just a few more minutes and we’ll all be on our way home!

This feels great.

One of my professors said that when we’re feeling suffocated by all the stress we’ve been experiencing, we should find time to breathe. Although, I wasn’t expecting that my “breathing time” to be in an air- and land-polluted terminal, surrounded by “stores”. Fate is weird.

10:21 p.m.

It’s almost our turn! We’re very close!

10:23 p.m.

We’re on my way home. Thank goodness!

I asked and prayed for more patience. This was a very good exercise.

451 Days

451 days of happiness and contentment against more or less 20 days of arguments, misunderstandings and almost-endings.

That’s 431 days (more or less) spent well. The rest of the days were spent making mistakes and learning from them.

451 days – good and/or bad – ALL spent with love.

Now, tell me… Were you unhappy?

451 days and counting; days which I would rather not let go to waste.

June 29, 2013 to the rest of our days.


The storm atop the city

Loudly disturbing dreams so sweet.

Trembling at the sound of the sky’s roar,

He awoke in the cold midnight air.

I stroked his hair

As he held me nearer.

He was asleep again.

If You Want Me to (or Not)

I will be a better person for myself for you.

I will be the shoulder who shares the weight that you carry.

I will inspire you from sunrise ’til dawn.

I will support you through each step that you take.

I will dream your dreams with you.

I will make you proud of me.

I will always be proud of you.

I will help  you and be there for you when you are facing the greatest difficulties of your life.

I will take care of you.

I will hold you when you are at your weakest.

I will respect your need to be alone and spend time with yourself and/or your friends.

I will make you happy and share my  happiness with you.

I will be patient with you.

I will show you how much more I love you with each passing day.

I will wait for you.


I  will not betray your trust in me and my love for you.

I will not violate/invade your privacy.

I will not turn small problems  into big ones.

I will not allow my pride to get in the way of us fixing something that I/we have broken.

I will not push you to the limits of your temper.

I will not expect too/so much from you.

I will not hold prejudice towards anything that is uncertain.

I will not force you into anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or violates your right to decide on your own.

I will not allow my stubbornness to jeopardize what we have.

I will not allow a day and a night to pass with anger in my heart.

I will not stop dreaming with you, and dreaming of a life with you.

I will not stop loving you.

I will not let go.

“Will I wait a lonely lifetime? If you want me to, I will…”

Be a/the Better Person (About the Site’s Title)

Why “A/The Better Person”?

A few months ago, my colleagues and I were all busy getting ready for one of the grandest activities of the organization that we belonged in, and the biggest event that we had worked on (and will probably ever work on). It was staged last July 29, 2014 for the 27th of July’s celebration – can you guess which event it was?

I was absent during one of our rehearsals, by which I had failed to advise my supervisor about my not being there. Yes, partly I was wrong about not informing him earlier, but we’ve all had those emergencies when we just couldn’t find time to get our hands on our phones. This was one of them.

Long story short, my supervisor was infuriated and said things that still makes my eye twitch whenever I remember that most unfortunate day.

You see, my supervisor is (up to this day) one of my non-biological “big brothers” – and just happened to be my boss for that particular event – so you could imagine how I felt about the whole ordeal. We were both upset because we knew that we had disappointed each other in a terrible way.

But to me, I was the victim.

For two weeks, it seemed like we came to an agreement to not speak to each other at the office. It was harder for me because all of the work that was supposed to be mine, he gave to someone else. I became inactive and went home earlier than I usually did.

That’s when my boyfriend/the-person-who-always-keeps-me-in-the-right-place very discreetly wrote a note to me at the office one night. The note said that he couldn’t stand seeing me and my supervisor (who was also a very good friend of his) in such a mess, and told me that it was time for me to “be a/the better person” and be the one to fix the problem. It was a difficult thing for me to do, but I did it anyway.

It wasn’t that hard after all! Everything was back to normal.

So, that’s it! Lesson learned!

I’d realized this lesson before, but if it wasn’t for that extra push, I wouldn’t have applied it… or it would have taken me forever to have the courage to be a/the better person.

It’s amazing how you can learn so much from the people that surround you every day, especially the ones that mean a lot to you and have influenced and continue to influence who you are.

When you feel like you have to be right all the time but you never end up winning, it’s time to step back and let someone else be right. It saves a lot of time and love.

Be a/the better person every time everyday without letting your pride take away the best moments – and the best people – in your life.

Day 1: Sooner

Oh, but change – change is such a big word!

To grow! To grow! To learn and learn!

Into the best kind of version of me!

That’s my to-do!

Though I wish I had started this sooner.

#Writing 101

“Daily Prompt: Quickly list five things you’d like to change in your life…”